POF : plenty of fish really works? what? no way?

POF : plenty of fish really works? what? no way?

so i know anything is possible and 90 percent of the time this site is crap. also most dating sites are crap. but it has to work sometime right? i mean do people really meet on this site? if so how? i mean are they just lucky or better than everyone else?

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. You just keep at it, send out hundreds of messages, eventually you will find one who is willing to meet and maybe it will work out, that’s all there is to it, time and luck.

  2. I met my wife through POF. But it did take about a year before I first started talking to her.

    I’m afraid the best mentality for POF is to not treat it as the be all to end all solution, and treat it as more a way to make friends and also be more plausa with it. Otherwise you go mad and think your some form of cryptonite when it’s not really the case.

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