You should just rename the service to POB (Plenty Of Bots) at this rate. Absolutely ridiculous when you can’t go five minutes without a bot sending you a message / meet me notification. Sure, they get deleted within 10-15 minutes but this service is overrun by these scams and bots.

But hey, that nonsensical « popularity » meter you implemented is off the charts on my profile thanks to them. As if that actually means anything.

By. Gyidune

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  1. So it is true that I get a lot of bots, especially overnight, I probably have had more real dates off POB than I have Tinder and Bumble. Tinder is totally overrun, of course. Between bots, sugar babies, etc. it is very low quality. I still have snagged a few actual dates. Bumble is cleaner but have only had a few actual meetings. A lot of women who match and vanish without a word (they have to talk first). And a lot who talk a bit and vanish. But the only one I do at least as well or better on is OKC. It seems to have a low bot count, too.

  2. Just a FYI girls are getting guy bots on this site. When I was on it a few months ago I got 3 bots. all three called me dear and demanded I download KIK

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