POF : pof account suddenly deleted

POF : pof account suddenly deleted

So I’ve had a plenty of fish account since 2017. I’ve had a few successful encounters (and one horrid online relationship), and I’ve never said a bad word to anybody and only would block someone if they were being disrespectful towards me. Friday, I was having issues with messaging this one individual. So I wait 24 hours and then I try again. I then find out that my account was deleted for ‘violating community rules’ I have attempted to contact customer service but they have not responded back yet.

Has anyone here gotten the boot off of POF for no reason at all?

Was anyone able to get their account rectified?

EDIT: I was actually able to get it rectified somewhat from someone on their Twitter account , and apparently it was removed because someone was attempting to gain access to it?? anyway, I was able to make a new one 😊

By. Natural-Barnacle-695

What do you think?


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  1. I did this a week or so ago. POF account was banned for no reason. Pretty sure they’re deleting people who aren’t paying for premium services or some shit, ‘cause there are way too many people in my exact situation for it to be just a hack.

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