POF : POF bingo

POF : POF bingo

POF bingo

By. ThatOtherGuy254

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  1. Every single photo is of her tits, or bent over presenting her ass in the mating ritual of the jogger-americans.

    « I’m tired of men always messaging me about sex. »

  2. Single mother is fine (unless you don’t want her to have kids already). « Curvy » is overused and abused. I hate « a few extra pounds ». « Morbidly obese » is not « a few extra pounds ». Even worse is « average » with the justification of « all my friends are also huge, so amongst them, I’m averagely huge ».

    Let’s explain « curvy ». Marilyn Monroe was « curvy ». It means hips, boobs, hourglass shape. « Curvy » is the OLD-style glass « coke bottle » shape, not the plastic 3-liter shape. LOL

    Source: I’m a fat bastard — I own that shit.

  3. « Tyrone’s kids already have a father, so they don’t need you. »

    … not that I’d want to date a used slag with a halfnog bastard to begin with, but even if I was so inclined to adopt into an existing family, there is nothing more confidence-inspiring than a thot reminding you from the start that you will NEVER be considered above that of the ex who cucked you.

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