POF : POF blocks cut and paste messages

POF : POF blocks cut and paste messages

Oh great, so that explains why the messages I write in MS:Word to spell and grammar check never get through. I didn’t even get the error message telling me this until I went backwards in my browser after I saw it wasn’t in my sent messages.

So much for the 30 minutes, I spent writing a funny and thoughful message.

This after getting my account hacked by a scammer this morning. Already canceled my sub and am just waiting for it to run out.

By. nocturnal_fables

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  1. I send cut and paste messages all the time perfectly fine.

    But yeah you are gonna have a hard time with online dating if you are spending 30 mins writing messages lol

  2. I’ve noticed that POF’s messaging system is really jacked up. A few nights ago I sent someone a message. It was a short and simple message. A little while later I checked my sent messages and it didn’t show up. I know POF blocks messages with certain words or phrases that could be considered sexual, but my message wasn’t like that. So I sent another message to that person and checked my sent messages again, and BOTH messages showed up in sent messages.

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