POF : Pof gave me a christmas present.

POF : Pof gave me a christmas present.

Was banned when I woke up and logged in, thanks pof, ya bastards.

By. Serveradman

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  1. Sorry about that, pal. You’re not missing much anymore, anyway. The same old faces, the same ignored messages… Get a better site or do it the old way; that’s what I’m considering doing.

  2. Same here. I was being catfished 2-3x a week so I said fk it it’s what I do for a living (Computer Forensics Specialist and Computer Internet Investigations) so I thought fk u. Within 7 minutes of making contact with me I had who they are, usually Porn star or Model, Name, everything, you name it.

    I would get them to send me a picture to a slush account and strip the header out and if I was lucky, 60% of the time, I’d get their ip. Depending on if I was bored or mad I’d let them think they were playing me. Meanwhile I would get in touch with the people who’s pix they were using and about 1/2 would talk to me and this one chick, pornstar, she and I were chatting daily on Twitter and I was cut/pasting my talks with the fisher LOL. I’d report every single one WITH proof and they would NEVER shut them down so I said fuck it.

    Then Ritz427 contacted me and she was good. I had her going for 3 weeks and within 3 days she was asking for my # or if I had hangouts, theb about a week she was asking for money, first iTunes card, then her mum was sick, then it was this and that. I use a program called Camtasia, its a Screen Capture and Screen Recorder so everything she told me was recorded as well has hangouts history etc. so I got tired of her and reported her and this time they asked questions etc. I thought its about fking time. All of a sudden she was gone and I chuckled then the next day I log in and this views me and its Ritz with a different name so I hit report and it asks me why I chose and BANG my accounts gone. LOL

    I have a list of about 50 of them and I ket all their pix, stats everything so I could fk with them, Or give them to guys so they don’t get screwed. Maybe start a POF Blog called « The Ladies « Catfishers » of Plenty of Fish POF and post all their pix. What do u all think? LOL


  3. Right on. Same here man! I was shadowbanned the other day. Bout to make a new back up account again so i can get back to those girls I was talkin to

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