POF : POF gripe

POF : POF gripe

(36-M-WaDC area) I bounce between OKC and POF. Have had very limited success with both, but I have a gripe about POF. Users that not allow you to message them because you’ve messaged someone interested in intimate encounters.

The women that had intimate encounters that I have messaged I was actually interested in, and it seems crappy that there are whole groups of women I can’t even message now.

Look I get there are a lot of assholes on both sites. I can understand blocking users that have that in their « looking for. »

Anyway, it’s annoying. That is all.

By. burgerbarn

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  1. I didn’t know that could happen. I guess I haven’t messaged anyone seeking an intimate encounter so far but I’ll watch out for this.

  2. I thought you actually had to send a message asking for sex and get reported for it or something to get blocked for it. They should be more specific in the descriptions of the options

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