I was messaged by this guy on POF. We have an unbelievable amount of things in common. He asked me out for coffee or if I had any better ideas?

I asked if he wanted to come to this show with me Thurs. night since I was going anyway, and he mentioned liking bluegrass/americana music. He said he would get back to me about Thursday.

I said if Thurs. wouldn’t work I was down for coffee any evening. He said sounds good, that he saw a good blues band there last year, and that he would get back to me about which day will work this week.

Well…it’s now Thurs. and he hasn’t been online since last Sun. WTF. I don’t know if I’m overreacting, but we had a thing and he genuinely seemed like he wanted to meet me. How incredibly disrespectful and immature. I thought I pinpointed him as someone who wouldn’t be like this. I’m upset and angry, and part of me wants to blast him in a tactful manner. Should I wait? I know I should just stop obsessing over it but wtf…he’s the one that initiated all this in the first place. Fuck him.

What would you say to a guy like this?

By. HeyyyJ

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  1. People get busy. You haven’t even met him yet. You have to not take it personally. (At least until you’ve been out a few times.)

  2. Seems like you want validation not advice:

    This guy is a dick, you deserve better. Just forgot him.

    …Or, you could listen to the advice people gave you as it’s good.

  3. POF and dating in general is a really frustrating experience, especially during the lonely times. Tough it out, when the right one comes along it’s all worth it.

  4. Don’t over think this scenario. He probably has a very genuine reason for not being in contact with you. His internet may have died, he might be in hospital, he might have been sent to another part of the country for work reasons or his laptop may have died on him. If he hasn’t been online, then you know he hasn’t ghosted you and when you do next chat with him, give him your number. In future if you make plans that need to be confirmed prior to setting a firm time and date swap numbers or email address’s so that you can stay in touch by a reliable means.

  5. At least you got someone to reply to you. Right now I’d take anything like that as a win. Seriously though, forget about him, it was at the very least immature for him to bail on you like that. Best to forget about him and move on?

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