POF : Pof has made me start to dislike women.

POF : Pof has made me start to dislike women.

I’m probably undateable if there ever was a person like that.

Pof is probably the biggest dating site out there and its still free to send and receive messages with no catches, it has lots of people on it and it has the highest chance imo of finding someone.

If you were someone people want to find.

I can honestly say that other the course of several profiles (eventually my profiles get banned for being blocked enough times, this seems inevitable) I have contacted every woman I find attractive in the local area, every one, probably several times over time and I have gotten 7-8 dates, can’t remember the number, in four years, none of which turned into a relationship and 2 are friendships., the others fizzled out.

I look on this site every week for someone new to try and talk to, every week, I am socially awkward (obviously) and don’t really know how to meet anyone naturally without being awkward and driving them off, trying to strike up a conversation out in public feels wrong to me, like my attention won’t be wanted and i’ll just be harassing the woman.

I’ll get to the point, every time I look at the search results on pof I see the same smiling faces and inviting profiles, some saying how friendly they are, how easy it is to get along with them, to look at all these profiles and feel like sending them a message is a waste of time because they likely won’t respond feels bad, i don’t really know what to do about it, I’ve been told I am not ugly so its not that, I am unwanted.

I look at a new profile these days and it says how friendly they are in the profile, send a message and get nothing, then I think « friendly my ass »

Its not a nice way to be, that’s what this site does to men, that’s why so many men lash out when rejected, its not because they are inherently cruel, its because online dating makes most of them worth less than nothing and can be ignored without women losing access to men they might want to date.

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  1. What you’ve got to work on is you first, if you don’t have a solid foundation for yourself you’re easily broken with things, like not getting messages back after thoughtfully reading their profile. Get on POF, pick at least five profiles you like and then log out until you get a message. Do not reply right away, do other things in life, if you get a message reply back a few hours later. I don’t give one shit who viewed my profile, users who do that meet me BS. I log in, look at what I see as attractive, message and get the hell off.

    Stay within your caliber, everybody wants eye-candy, as much as ladies say there is more, they still want to wake up next to something that is easy on the eyes. If you’re wanting miss hot thing in a two piece and every picture has cleavage more than likely has several tricks going, and she will have no plans of deleting her account even months after you think you’re exclusive. Same with the ladies, Mr. abs with expensive toys, you’ll be just another toy in his broke ass collection.

    Confidence in yourself is what a lot are looking for, not being a dickish nice guy, there is a huge difference. When you’re confident, nothing will phase you, the things you complained about every man and woman goes through it. Either get past it or joke about it, if you joke about it you better be able to keep up the humor, one smart ass line won’t cut it.

    *You have to be 5’10 or taller*… I’ll bring a booster seat with me

    *You’re not average size*…Well, the mirror engineering specialist told me differently, I knew it was a BS position, damn it!

    You’ve had 7-8 dates in four years, when I’m using online dating I have that many dates in four months. The quickest I ever got was five messages, I got her personal cell number, talked and we met three days later. The distance was the struggle we had, but it ran it’s course for two years, no regrets. I met up with a new woman Jenny last night, we sat and had drinks from 8 till about 12 am, I messaged her two days ago. I told her I’d be the one in the red dress and high heels, she loved it.

    If they want to be with you you’ll both make the time, if they don’t, move on, they are not the only ones single. Do not limit yourself to just online dating, get out and volunteer people networking still functions in the world of faces buried in their phones.

  2. Aren’t you the guy that told a woman to go fuck herself because you were butthurt she said don’t message her?

    There’s a reason your profiles keep getting banned. Don’t be a dick mate.

  3. Eh dude, do not take POF seriously. I tend to forget I have the app. Then I remember, and hop on once in a blue moon and get immediately reminded why I forgot about it. I will say you will find some hilarious people on there.

  4. I haven’t gotten a single date or reply from an interested girl. I have messaged over 2,000 girls in the last year. Tried everything. I’m not ugly but I’m not a pretty boy.

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