POF : Pof is a dying platform

POF : Pof is a dying platform

A couple years ago this platform was the bee’s knees. I met up with a couple women from this website and had a great time. But now it seems that pof has truly fallen from grace.

The site is flooded with bots/scammers. The meet me function shows women who haven’t been active in months/years. This site doesn’t seem to get a lot of new people making profiles. I see the same people when I search for folks in my area or who are online and I’ve been using this app for months now.

It’s been real yo. And to the rest of you still soldiering on, I wish you the best of luck.

By. Dustin_Bromain

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  1. All the dating sites are owned by the same company now. []( have seriously changed them to wring out as much $$$ as possible and don’t care.


    ### Match Group

    Main article: [Match Group](

    * [](
    * Delightful
    * FriendScout24
    * [HowAboutWe](
    * [](
    * [Meetic Group](
    * [OkCupid](
    * OurTime
    * [People Media](
    * [PlentyOfFish](
    * [Tinder](
    * [Twoo](
    * [Hinge](

  2. It used to be a fantastic way to meet people. I’ve met probably 25 women, had relationships from a single night to 4 years. I’m dating someone from PoF now, but we actually met last February and we reconnected via Facebook almost 15 months later.

    But the platform bans people for no reason, the bots are crazy now, and the limitations are just too high. I was banned for no reason last March and haven’t gone back. The staff gave me no reason for the ban.

  3. Could not agree more

    POF was at its peak around 2013

    By 2017 the fake profiles were getting out of control

    I switched to Tinder and never looked back

    But back when I first joined POF I found it easy to meet and chat to women

    Way easier than it is on Tinder

  4. Meet me so fuck. Like for a year it keep say i had over 30 possible match woth me no getting none. Them finally i moved to a other province emd up on pof after a month or so. Do meet me amd all of a suddent im.matching left right amd center but whit the girl who click yes from my home town 6 month ago.

    Wtv i deleted.pof tinder the work. Im deslexic amyway i cant do fucking dating sites. I got a match on tinder a few month ago just to he ask if that how i serousally speall. And how she thought it was a joke at frist. That did it for me.

    Wtv ive been single for well over 7 years. What a other rest of my life.

  5. I haven’t gone out with anyone or met anyone for over a year now people on there are way to picky and will block you for no reason or will view your profile with no message ever. I’m mentally exhausted because of that trash pit site totally worthless to me. Garbage thats all i have to say and tinder every time i make a new profile i get 4 matches in the beginning and then all of them unmatch from me and then all i do is keep liking to get no other matches at all from men oh they will match u but im not interested in men only women i guess i’m not good enough for anyone.

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POF : I guess because you visit a profile( heaven forbid it’s a clicking accident) you absolutely have to message someone! I didn’t know guys, my bad! 😂

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