POF : Pof is a waste of time don’t bother with it

POF : Pof is a waste of time don’t bother with it

Pof is a waste of time don’t bother with it

By. mrvinD

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  1. I’ve had mixed luck w/ the site but I’ve landed two pretty good dates and made a gamer friend. This is all w/ me being shy and maybe barely above average. I don’t message girls and if I really do see someone that really catches my attention I use a generic message. « Hey there, you’ve caught my attention. Swing by my profile and let me know if you are interested! ». (Terrible and cringe worthy but its worked a few times and yes I know, this will only work on 2% of girls if I catch them at the right time which is random).

    Here is how I see it:

    You have to keep in mind, even a dead average chick gets at least 50 messages a day. They aren’t going to replying to most of them in a really serious manner.

    If you want a decent experience, you need to have a great profile w/ great images that catch attention. She will get 40 other guys that look and sound better than you and she will have free reign over whom she decides to reply to.

    Some girls will read your stuff, others will skim it, others will not read it at all, and some will run w/ a « fuck that noise » if they see a paragraph there and others expect a plump profile before they even decide to message you. The required info is sporadic and changes w/ each girl.

    It is really a matter of selling yourself right and a bit of luck. As you are fully aware, sending messages is really hit or miss, like really really but if she does fancy your attention, then you will get her attention.

  2. The think that there are 2 aspects of POF that a lot of people miss. I live in Australia where certain rules are different than places like America. People often complain about being blocked so much that their accounts get deleted. The easiest way to fix this is to get a fully paid upgraded account. Unless you are saying truly offensive things to people on POF, a paid account will never get deleted. Further to that, if a non paying member blocks a paying member, the non paying account gets a strike mark against it until by default it get deleted while the paying account doesn’t . Secondly, the reason that so many guys get the wall of silence is simply because they treat the POF platform as a way to get sex. If you want to improve your strike rate, get the paid upgrade as women will respond more often than not to an upgraded account. In simple terms, an upgraded account shows that you are prepared to pay for genuine services.

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