POF : POF is full of poor begging women

POF : POF is full of poor begging women

Has anyone else had this problem? Ive actually met a couple of girls, real ones not bots surprisingly, but they are broke af and dont even have a car to meet up. All the girls I’ve encountered are like this. Im not running a taxi service here and dont expect to drive all over just to hang out. Is this just an issue I’ve encountered or have other people encountered? Maybe something similar with begging or other poor like behavior.

By. TheDarkOZ

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  1. Yes!! I had one recently that messaged me first, she talked to me for 5 mins, then asked if I had a truck so I could help her move. And she lived nearly 2 hours away. Blocked her.

    All of the dating apps are full of girls trying to sell their « Premium Snapchat » (Hun, porn is free) or trying to get free meals.

  2. The app is free and you will people that are freeloaders. They might not want to be but if you want something better I suggest you get a app which has quality members.

    Been on pof and match and find that when stuff is free you get people of low quality. I’m sure they are nice but they are not goal oriented.

  3. I have dated women on POF from all ranges. One made 6 figures and did very well for herself. Another was a real estate agent and also did very well. And then there are also women on there with several kids, no job, live at home and no car. POF ranges on a wide scale from the women who sign up. Now the first few women I listed are more scarce than the women I listed next. POF is notorious for having women at the bottom of the totem pole. I’ve had women asking me for money on there (not bots). Such a turn off.

  4. I have never encountered that from guys. However I did meet a guy once on POF who said he was a recovering addict but little did I know he was still a full on druggie. Didn’t know that until I got to the date

  5. I live in a rural area. See more cows than people. Which is awful for the dating scene unless you’re a literal bull. The addicts have their own little area they cluster their homes in on the other side of town.

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