POF : POF is getting dumber and dumber

POF : POF is getting dumber and dumber

Not only did they switch over to not giving you the username of the person that liked you in your e-mail, but now those bastards are making you pay just to see who viewed your profile. In other words, the only feature POF offers for free is the ability to send messages and search for people near you. Beyond that, it is not a free dating site.

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  1. Maybe I’m in the minority, all I need from POF *is* the ability to search for people near me and message them. That’s the point of POF compared to other apps where you have to match first. If someone wants to keep track of who likes them, just go to any of the other apps and get matches there to message.

    The other stuff isn’t vital or worth paying for. Who cares who views my profile? If a guy perceives my looking at his profile as interest he’s misinformed. How else am I going to see if we have anything in common? If I like what I see, I’ll message. If I don’t, I won’t.

    My two cents for this specific app.

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