POF : POF is very discouraging.

POF : POF is very discouraging.

I have talked to some women there but only to not get a reply or only to get one word replies and it’s really discouraging knowing that I want to find someone.

I was also talking to this one girl for about a week, even got each other’s numbers, had long text messages and called each other on the phone only to receive that it was a wrong number and that they were a guy ending. I think I’m just going to delete the app and not even try anymore.

By. SuperThrowawaybro91

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  1. You have to understand that it’s a damn meat market, if you look like ground beef and not a sirloin well then no one will bite, I’m sure you have a certain type and they have a certain type, yes it sucks but you have nothing to worry about because it’s free.

    Good luck.

  2. Yeah, pof used to be better many years ago. Now it seems like there are a lot less people on it, more spam, and just a worse experience in general.

    I think everyone went to tinder or bumble or okc or whatever it is now.

    A problem is that if you rely too much on online dating it can completely kill your confidence in real life.

  3. I messaged a woman (no pic) . We exchanged a few messages. I offered my # if she wanted to text. She read my message then deleted it. lol. Apparently shes not looking for a guy who’s had a Gov’t job for 26 years and raised his 2 daughters on his own. lol

  4. If you sent her a photo and she disappeared then yeah it’s probably to do with looks… But if you had something going on and started revealing very personal stuff to her then maybe she just decided you aren’t her type. Maybe you were just someone she talked to but didn’t see you anything else. It happens. It’s much easier for people to reject you, delete your number and forget about you when they only know you online. I’m not sure about your dating history but if you are getting discouraged easily then perhaps you should try to figure out why?

  5. 3….2….1….
    rsoxgal: Markus sold POF to in 2009 and….blah, blah, blah

    Yeah dude, POF sucks. In fact online dating sucks for all but the chosen few, these days.. Better chances meeting women in real world. If you’re an introvert, push past it.

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