POF : Pof is where women go to stay forever.

POF : Pof is where women go to stay forever.

There’s a core group of ladies who never seem to leave the site, are logged in every day, nobody is good enough for them it seems.

By. Obtuseone

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  1. I was on POF about 5 years ago and when it wasn’t cool to admit you had an online dating profile and before the mobile app.

    It’s true, I live in between four major cities and it’s rural. A lot of the ones in my city have been on for over 5 years some even more than that, if they have the POF watermark in the bottom that was 2004 era, I’ve chatted with a few in the past, you get mostly one or three word answers if anything.

    I’ve seen a few in person just doing daily rounds and I see why a lot are not very active. The city I live in has very basic people, social media apps are their only source entertainment.

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