POF : POF just removed the viewed me feature lol

POF : POF just removed the viewed me feature lol

Pof is slowly removing features this site has become a joke I’m surprised you can still search by ethnicity that will be removed for sure. In the future they probably will remove the search section all together. The once great site is slowly becoming like tinder . On tinder you get no matches it’s impossible to message anyone all you do is swipe it’s just a swiping app that scams you into paying for it then you still get no matches even if you pay for it lol

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  1. Do you even follow this subreddit. People have been complaining about POF removing the « Viewed me » feature for weeks. Its fucking irrelevant. If they viewed you, but didn’t message, they’re not interested in you. You don’t need to know who viewed you.

    But if you really do need to know, the username is written there, and if you do a proper search, and not just use the « swipe option », they’ll probably turn up on a search eventually.

  2. Yeah it’s hung itself where people where getting hey there sexy let’s chat online face time privately thru just messages before it was there a link u can pay then u know it became, a meet me, a Skout in one thing with Tik Tok features, it went from Eh Harmony the free version best pay, u can do better but u doesn’t have to. To a scamming money scamming big pedophile joke that ran buy them I say something so to fake kids claiming to be adults, u tell them off they block you! No they take your money. Then block you and won’t give it back, it’s becoming big liability on your private life and identity it’s using high schools models to bait in gullible hard up horny un experienced on line daters they get upset after while they block them for saying Amy thing oh they take your money then block won’t refund! Just a matter of time it’s become fate hook up where it’s forced to shut down, to many clams Date Hook up was huge no longer around same features kept going to far. M

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POF : Has anyone on here looked up POF on Better Business Bureau to see their grade?

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