POF : POF needs some improvements

POF : POF needs some improvements

First of all why is it I am seeing a womens profile when I don’t meet there age standard? they shouldn’t show up at all

I’ve dealt with 2 or 3 profiles that was either a bot or a scam(If they ask for you’re number or you give you a number within the 1st or 2nd text it’s a scam )

and they had plenty of pictures and things written about them so now I am always suspicious about a profile

I may have considered getting an upgrade had this site not been such a clusterfuck

By. Duckythe3rd

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  1. I first tried out POF in 2009 when I kept seeing ads for it here in Boston all over the T. Back in 2009 the only thing a paid membership got y ou was a gold seal on your profile and made you stand out from other’s. You could also really filter out who messaged you and it would state it at the bottom of your profile. It would say something along the lines of don’t messsage me if, and it would list all the filters you had set. It would also only show you people in your filtered range no one outside of it. You could leave comments on people’s profiles (POF did away with that when ex’s left nasty comments on Ex’s profiles) and you could send virtual gifts. It also told you how many people liked someone you were interested in. Again POF did away with that feature as well. It was completely different.

  2. For sure it can be improved, but I also like it because it’s the last free range dating app out there. You can message anyone for the most part without being a mutual match.

    I hear from my guy friends that PoF is filled with fake profiles and bots. But that seems to be on par with a lot of dating apps so it’s not an exclusive thing.

    The only way around it is to have a good bullshit detector and vet people well before giving them identifying info. These days, there’s really no need to even give out your cell until you’ve met IRL.

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