POF : POF only censors men?

POF : POF only censors men?

Sent a casual message to a female user today with a simple “waffles or pancakes?” Opener.

She responds with “I’m a waffles bitch” and I tried to reply by saying I am too a waffles bitch.

Yet POF wouldn’t let me say that. Why am I being censored but she isn’t? Doesn’t seem right. Is there a double standard?

By. AllUnrequited

What do you think?


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  1. Well I would have thought that saying it was sold to match and went down the toilet would have implied the double standard but apparently it did not.

  2. POF actually used to be a good site until Fish sold it over to match group and then it got flushed down the toilet. I used to get a lot of ass off of there.

  3. Do you have a cheating spouse/ partner and you want to dig further about them ? Hit me up I’m available to work with you.

  4. we liked to be called women not « female ». you just called yourself a « man »…show some respect. and yes men are censored because most of y’all dont know how to act right or control yourself. I get dick pics from POF more than I do from adult friend finder

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