POF : POF phone number

POF : POF phone number

Not sure if this is a scam. But a woman messaged me back and asked if we could text over phone number instead and provided her phone number to me.

However the area code of her phone number is from a different state. I smell a scan/bot

By. MNoodles20

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  1. It is a scam! 99.9% of those are scams, do not fall for them. The .1% is so rare, that you’ll actually not even realize it’s real, this is fake.

  2. For what it’s worth, it’s very possible to have an area code from somewhere you don’t live. For example, I have a phone number from North Carolina because that’s where the company I work for is headquartered, but I live in Maryland. If that’s the only red flag I’d look past it.

  3. This is why one of my pics in my profile show a local landmark. Takes away some of the suspicion that I am not from nearby. Would be nice if everyone did this.

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