POF : POF Restrictions explained (for those who may not understand it)

POF : POF Restrictions explained (for those who may not understand it)

When you sign up on POF you can actually set certain restriction on the profile so that only certain people can message you. Back in 2009 you used to be have to have just about every restriction known on your profile and they would list the restrictions you had at the bottom of your profile so that others could see them. Now a days the most you can do is restrict people who are not within 75 miles of you, don’t have a photo, or are not within your selected age range, and lastly if the person only accepts messages from upgraded users.

Now someone outside of your restrictions can try to message you first, but the second they try to send you the message POF will automatically tell them it can’t go through due to the restrictions you have set up. These restrictions only apply when the person who is outside of someone’s restrictions tries to send the first message. If someone has for example an age range of 27-35 and they see someone who is 24 who they have some interest in, then as long as they send the first message then the 24yr old can reply back to the message. Once you message someone first outside your restrictions then they can reply and send you messages from here on out, but only that person. You have to make first contact with people outside your restrictions in order for them to be able to message you back.

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  1. I once had a girl favorite me and I thought that was weird. So I found she lived outside of miles restriction. I loosened it and sent her a message and she replied. Turns out she wasn’t that interested because keeping the conversation going beyond hi was like getting blood from a stone.

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