POF : POF Women are too picky

POF : POF Women are too picky

I’ve decided to try POF. My experience with the app has not been good. I would say that the majority of the women on that app are between 3 – 7 on the rating scale, and to top it off, they write on their profiles that they’re looking for men that must meet unrealistic high standards. The majority of the women are fat and in their 30s and have kids. We all know that women are the most attractive between the ages 18 and 29 which is when they’re the most fertile. It just seems like they’re living in a fantasy world to me. Idk I want to hear from the guys on here. How has your experience been with POF?

By. silencer231

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  1. My experience has pretty much been the same thing. The problem is that when most women join any kind of dating site, they get bombarded with all sorts of attention. Now most of this attention is bad, in the form of perverts, and guys just looking for a quick hook up. But psychologically, it teaches the women that men are interested in them.

    All this attention actually gives the women a false perception that they are more sought after than they actually are. On the dating site, with all the desperate guys, yes they are sought after… But in the real world, and non-desperate guys that are on dating sites… They still see a 5 as a 5. But the woman sees herself as a 7 or 8. So a guy that is a 5 or 6 tries to get a date with the woman that is a 5 and she turns her nose up at him because she thinks she can do better.

    A lot of single moms in their mid-30s and up are also in serious denial as far as their overall attractiveness goes. They still think they are hot shit like they were 1015 years ago attracting all the guys at the bar when they were in their early 20s.

    One of the biggest turnoffs that I noticed for women in their mid-30s and older… A lot of them still dress the same as they did 20 years ago, they have the same hairstyle, the same style glasses… A lot of women are scared to death to change anything about their appearance. They’ve been doing their hair a certain way for so long that they are afraid to try anything new or different. I see so many 40 something women with 80s hairstyles in my area it’s not even funny.

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