POF : Pofed up, this site is finished

POF : Pofed up, this site is finished

I get fake profile after fake profile adding me as a favourite, I’m a guy so it’s annoying to have so many emails. If I google search the name that just added me the profile is already deleted. It’s Plenty of Fish who send these fake messages out so that you’ll sign into their site multiple times to see who wants to meet you. Then I also get emails on the site from all the profiles who have 1 picture and a link to some hump me website. Pof is dead the sites a joke.

By. Slowjoeman

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  1. That is just match trying to get people to quit POF and sign up and join match. They want people to pay for match. Before Markus sold to match POF was doing much better than Match was in the dating industry, they had more long term relationships and marriages than Match did. Match offered Markus a deal and he took it, now match is just trying to get people to get off POF and pay for their site.

  2. Yes I came here to see if anyone else was having the same experience. For me I don’t get the email but I do get constant quick hump profiles viewing me. i thought this was a pof move like the Ashley Madison fake profiles. But all the profiles suggest the website quick hump. It will be a single photo and a small blurb and how oh I also use that site. So fake. So stupid. I have kids I will be sure to teach them that any time you ever see a profile linking to some shitty site like that it is always a waste of time.

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