POF : Poor Profiles

POF : Poor Profiles

What is it with people not putting in effort into profiles? ? Seriously no one is going to be looking at one photo, with little to none info on said profile. Come on now….

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  1. The most frustrating part for me was getting a good photo selection. I don’t have any good, recent photos of myself, and taking them myself turned out to just not be good enough. I’m no photographer, nor am I very photogenic. Not to mention the photo quality on my phone is absolute garbage, so that became a losing battle.
    Paying for a photographer to take pictures of you for POF seems like a huge waste of money considering 50% of the women on there are scam accounts, 47% never even check their messages or will just ignore you, and the 3% that actually will reply are typically unattractive, have 73 kids, or they’re a complete walking disaster. So sometimes you just have to try with what you’ve got. I personally got away from POF. I feel like it’s like the run down trailer park out of all the available dating sites, and a huge waste of time.

  2. That’s right up there with people whose only profile picture is of something that’s not them. I usually just assume they’re ugly, or unintelligent, and avoid them. Same things goes with the people who only put group photos up. I always assume it’s the ugliest person on the group. If you can’t put a picture of you up, I’m not interested.

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POF : Just hope people to be clear who are the real worst ones.

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