POF : Quality Women of POF 😩

POF : Quality Women of POF 😩

Quality Women of POF 😩

By. sweetypie611

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  1. Either learn to ignore it or leave the site. Personally I don’t even see them anymore. They have one pic, a full name in their profile, professional modeling pics, and message you as soon as you show online.

  2. that’s a BOT and one of the main reasons I delete the App. I create my profile and in the very first 15 minutes I already had like 20 sexy hot ladies wanting to meet me… lmao.

  3. The second one is a Real Person. I actually met up with a Transvestite that has photoshopped pics. I wasn’t even mad bc it was just like sad I was like dude that’s so so not cool! He was Filipino so I couldn’t tell from the aren’t on the phone.

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