POF : Question for those who know about this app

POF : Question for those who know about this app

Awhile back this guy had got mad at me so he blocked me, so today I wake up to a new message from him lol … I can’t see it because when I click it it says “I’ve been blocked by this user” so did he unblock me to send me a message, and re block me or did he just forget he blocked me in the first place? Lol

By. Sosogreeen

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  1. He unblocked you to send a message, it then was deleted after he reblocked you, the notification stayed.

    if you try and send a message to someone you blocked it brings up a dialog box « You have blocked this user » and won’t let you send.

  2. He unblocked you to send the message and then blocked you after he sent it.

    I had a guy on pof once who sent me a message, and after I read it I tried to respond only to find out I was blocked. Mind you this was the first message he sent to me. He sent me a message and added me as a fav then blocked me. So I was like ok, and moved on. A year later I get another message from him and he does the same damn thing. I did not care at all. I have never spoken to him so not sure why he blocked me and did not care. Finally a few years later he came back and did it again. This time I was able to respond and I said dude stop adding me as a fav, then messaging me only to block me before I can respond, im not interested. He responded trying to give me a BS excuse that he didn’t block me. So out of curiosity I tried to respond and I was SURPRISE blocked again lol. I reported it to POF and he got deleted

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