POF : Quite the dilemma…

POF : Quite the dilemma…

-Male seeking female perspective-

I use plenty of fish in the past and deleted it after all of the bots of scammers. After a time, I tried again after the company changed their policy on face filters. I even bought the 3-month package.

Boy was that a mistake. Now I have nearly double the messages I get from fake accounts.

In the past, I did say message me something other than Hey there =). It worked, but still the same result.

My messages to women on the platform rarely, if ever, get a response. Even when heavily tailored. I also dislike starting a conversation with « hey babe » or something similar. I usually compliment on what I can see on their profile.

So women gets hundreds of messages a day from guys, and guys get dozens of scammers if the get messaged by a woman.

Aside from deleting my account again (attempting salvage my purchase), what can I do to stand out to the women I message?

By. Nestlefist

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