POF : Rate my POF profile please. Be brutally honest and give constructive criticism

POF : Rate my POF profile please. Be brutally honest and give constructive criticism


I send a lot of messages, and get a lot of profile views but no replies to my messages. What am I doing wrong? By the way, the messages I send always mention something the woman says on her profile so she knows it’s not a copy and paste.

By. Coolbeansnhotsauce

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  1. I would remove the close up picture of you with the wallpaper background … it doesn’t do you justice. I would also remove the parts about your music and flim preferences; they might make assumptions about you based on those that may not be accurate and you can always explore these once you get your foot in the door. Most importantly I would take out the part about wanting kids in the near future; I get that’s important to you but it may seem to be putting too much pressure on them at the start. I would also take out the comments you have in brackets about your hobbies – it might seem like you’re bragging (ex. about how difficult it is to learn Russian). Just some thoughts.

  2. Hi. I think you should add about 10 more pics. If you like music and art festivals, surely you have some pics of you at the festivals. Lighting is bad. Try taking pics outside in the sunshine. Pics that show your hobbies. Like holding your guitar or in the recording studio or performing in front of an audience. Also smile bigger and show your teeth. When people don’t show their teeth we automatically think they have bad teeth or braces. If that is the case, smile anyway big and proud. The confidence you show will overcome your teeth issues. Also take out that you don’t drink. When I see that I think someone is a recovering alcoholic. Everyone should be able to handle a drink now and then to loosen up. Pics at a park or at a beach. If you own a home show pics of your home. Women get tons of emails. I am female and I have gotten over 150 in only 2 days. The ones who get my attention are the ones who write long detailed profiles with a little humor (but not cheesy) and have lots of pictures of various activities and who look generally happy. Take out the wants kids. You have the height and you are handsome, but you don’t project overall confidence and happiness. I hope this helps.

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