POF : [Serious Question] Why does POF have a tendency to CONSISTENTLY attract trashy, lower class, uneducated women in comparison to the other dating sites?

POF : [Serious Question] Why does POF have a tendency to CONSISTENTLY attract trashy, lower class, uneducated women in comparison to the other dating sites?

This is something I’ve wondered. And not only POF, but the other dating sites also tend to pretty consistently attract their specific niche of women. Why is this?


POF tends to house a lot of under-educated, single-mom types. Heavily tattooed women, women who are more defensive when it comes to dating in general. Overall trashier women (not in a mean way, but socioeconomically).


OKC tends to attract middle of the road girls and artsy women. Vegan women. Feminists, urban hipster types. Wittier women.


Tinder tends to attract college-educated women. Preppier women. Cookie cutter, Starbucks obsessed, dog-loving, « basic bitch » type women who pose the same, use the same tired cliches in their profiles (although this happens on POF as well, but in a more negative way), and women who are generally middle to upper class. Well dressed, presentable, on average much higher in the attraction scale, etc.


Why is this? Is this conciously being done or is it more of a subconscious phenomena? What would prevent a girl who signs up with POF to then go to sign up with Tinder and vice versa? Of course, I’ve seen exceptions to these stereotypes on all the platforms many times over, but there’s an overall trend there that’s been consistently called out, and rightly so.



Has anyone else noticed this? What do you think causes this pattern?

By. JawsOfTheMachine

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What do you think?

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  1. I am a woman, educated (M.B.A.), articulate, make a very high salary and work for a Big 4 tech company. I think the same about men on POF 🙂 Tend to think it is a POF thing than a gender thing

  2. How is that not mean to call women who are poor literal trash? Like, that’s what the word means. That they’re garbage.

    I’m a single mom and tatted up but I also have a gorgeous figure, a degree, and am working on a new degree in programming so I can move from tech to software. If being a single mom or having tattoos makes me TRASH while I’m busy being independent and progressing then maybe should consider whether you’re just a judgmental asshole.

    Also I joined because it’s full of young, fit Black men, since you asked.

  3. I agree that those on POF are in general « lower class » than those on OKC. I could only guess why, so you probably aren’t interested in my views… Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what I think anyway.

    My guess is that POF has always had slutty advertising in among the real daters. I think this may attract low-class males and brings down the general user quality of the site.

    Also, POF’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) has always been ugly and buggy (repeated showing of the same user when scrolling search results).

    And finally, POF is happy to accommodate users who fail to post photos and write useful profiles. OKC allows for, and used to encourage, long, informative profiles that display users’ personalities. OKC requires photos to be higher resolution than POF, resulting in better looking pics and a better looking GUI in general. OKC at one time had user forums and has always had thousands of questions that users can answer. All of this detail can be informative to readers.

    And I don’t think Markus Frind was ever interested in running a quality dating site. He approached it as an exercise in programming.

    To me, all aspects of POF have low credibility.

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