POF : Sex Bots on POF (despite Captcha and Phone Verification)

POF : Sex Bots on POF (despite Captcha and Phone Verification)

I created a new account with POF today. I tried to create it on Tor Browser, but it just made an endless loop of Captcha requests. So I ended up registering on my regular browser. Then POF wanted me to verify with my phone number, which was a first for me. It never asked me to do that before. I tried two temporary phone number generator websites that I had used before on Facebook to receive SMS message verification codes. None of the temporary phone numbers worked. So I ended up using my real phone number. Then after ALLLLLLL of this BS, I thought to myself « This is good. This is great. This means that those fake sex bot spam accounts can’t take over the dating website anymore. » I was wrong. I still see new fake sex bot spam accounts getting created by the hour. I just got two messages from them just now. You know that this BS is intentional. The current owners of POF are the ones behind the porn bots. What a dirty bunch they are. I don’t think that there is a single dating website in existence that isn’t as corrupt as a politician. Why? I can understand users creating fake accounts. But why does every dating site out there make the fake accounts themselves? Why don’t any of them have any integrity? I recently deleted my MeetMe account. My picture on it had over 200 Likes, and not a single one of them was from a real person. On MeetMe, I ALWAYS get emails from fake accounts with one word « Hi ». And on Plentyoffish, I ALWAYS get the same emails from fake accounts but it’s « hey there! », instead of « Hi. » What a joke.

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  1. I get those too. I’ve started doing what I saw here. I send a message to the bot that reads, « Just send me the link, THOT. »

  2. Why would POF create it’s own NPC sexbots? Are they trying to destroy their platform to funnel users to more lucrative platforms?

  3. Oh, another thing. POF is being flooded with sex bot accounts despite CAPTCHA and phone verification. But you know what else? If you set your Mail Settings so that only people who’ve written paragraphs can contact you, you will STILL get two word emails from the bots « hey there 🙂 ». Yet further proof that the current owners of POF are the ones who are creating the nude, fake, porn, sex bots.

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