POF : Sex code?

POF : Sex code?

I was chatting with a girl on POF and the talk went a bit rude so I said « well if I didn’t know better I’d think you were just using this site to get sex! » and she said, « well I thought that was pretty obvious from my profile, maybe I just need to spell it out.. »

But the thing is, her profile seems totally vanilla to me! She’s not in skimpy clothes or underwear in her pics and the words all seem normal. But I’m thinking that something that she’s written in her profile must be a euphemism or code for it!?? I don’t want to copy and paste her text here cos she’d be a piece of piss to find if I did.

But are there, like, phrases or codes that people use on dating sites to indicate they’re up for a shag!??

By. huterag

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  1. Women that are up for it, I dont understand why they dont just openly admit it?? They still pick and choose the guy either way.

    If a woman isnt looking for anything serious, and she wants to just go out and have fun, what is the point of « pretending » that she is looking for something serious?

    Pretending is exactly what leads to the situation the OP is talking about. This woman was up for some sex, but because she wants to make a game out of it, she will blame the guy for it falling through.

    She will label the guy as not having confidence, or having no game. When it simply comes down to lack of communication on her part.

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