POF : Sex workers on plenty of fish?

POF : Sex workers on plenty of fish?

I know escorts operate through a lot of different sites and what have you, but has anyone come across anything like that on pof?

I’m a bit suspicious of someone I’m meant to be meeting at the weekend. She’s really good looking and seems nice and stuff, but she’s a) really sexual about stuff and b) talks about money an awful lot.. I realise that everyone is interested in those things, but there’s just something a little bit weird about it I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m a bit naive about the whole online dating thing, am I being paranoid or does this sometimes happen?

By. huterag

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  1. I’ve definitely heard of escorts operating thru pof, but most of them mention that you have to pay to play before meeting in person. They don’t want to waste their time on someone who definitely won’t pay them. If she seems obsessed with money, she may just be kind of a gold digger. It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what she said.

  2. I had a lady that sent me tons of messages finally asked if i wanted to chat or meet up off site? I was like ok then she sent me her site address and said we could bang if i just signed up to her site. Blocked her real quick, but she tried again on a diffetent account.

  3. I see two types of shady accounts. Advertisements for cam girl sites and Nigerian scams. The sites are probably not even the actual girl. It’s a marketing firm promoting some porn site. The Nigerian scams are just people trying to get you to send money or give up personal info. A lot of these are bots. I haven’t seen any hookers but I imagine it’s possible.

    They’re pretty obvious too. At one point you could tell by the generated username. I wish POF would be more active on getting rid of them. They’re very annoying and they kill the site.

  4. Yeah sorry I just thought I’d better not post any links. She asked what my salary was really early in the conversation, which is unusual I’d say. And she said a lot of stuff about kind of expecting a certain lifestyle. Fuck it, it’s pretty obvious I’m not that keen! I’ll just go meet her and see how it is.

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