POF : She said I can’t take a hint…

POF : She said I can’t take a hint…

She said I’ve messaged her multiple times before in the past, and that I should take the hint that she’s not interested. Then she blocked me. I don’t even remember messaging her. Do women here think that guys remember every single girl they message? If there’s no history of me messaging a girl before, I rarely remember. I’ve messaged hundreds and hundreds of girls.

By. reddit_benmartin

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  1. I usually know by the profile and photos of I have seen someone before. And I do get the shits when there’s guys i have chatted with and said I am not interested in, message me the next day on another app.

  2. Well….in your commentary there – you basically are showing her you message hundreds of girls and really don’t care who you message so I’m her side here. Not a great tactic to elicit responses.

  3. Usually when you go to message someone on POF through the app, if you have already messaged them before and you are using the same profile haven’t changed it, then it shows you a previous message. When I was on there sometimes I would see a guy and read their profile, and be interested. When I would go to message them I would see a previous message I sent them and then not message them again realizing they didn’t respond to the first one so no sense in trying to message again.

  4. I’ve had this happen and I know for a fact I have never messaged them. One said « not after last time. ». She may have you confused with someone else or is just a loon.

  5. To be honest…… I keep track of who I talked to and what the outcome was. Not because I’m a « crazie. » As a woman some of us do get a lot of messages. I try and respond to everyone even if I don’t think it would work out.

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