POF : Should I message the day after a date

POF : Should I message the day after a date

Not sure it went that well. Would you bother?

By. Citko76

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  1. Since our time is the most valuable thing we have, no matter how the date went, I thank them for choosing to spend some of that valuable resource on me. If you don’t anticipate seeing them again, let them know in a way that you would like to told if the shoe were to be on the other foot.

  2. Do you want to message? If so just say something.

    I had a guy ask why he never heard from me again. I said because I never heard from you.

  3. In what way, did you like her?, do you want to meet her again?, let her know either way, she’ll respond in kind if she’s decent.


    If anything, it will bring closure.

  4. I would appreciate it after going on a date with someone if they messaged me. It means to me that they valued my time, and they’d like to continue getting to know me, or let me know they’re not interested.

  5. I would go with my gut, if you aren’t sure it went well, it didn’t and your date is no doubt feeling the same way. Sometimes less said is best said.

  6. Yeah I would, if you’re still interested. Biggest thing I’ve learned (I went on 40+ dates in 2 years after my first gf from online) is not to overthink stuff. If it works, it works. If not, oh well. The worse thing that could happen is they don’t feel the same way. But more likely, you won’t get a response (IF they’re not interested) and you’ll forget about them in a day or 2.

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