POF : Sick of pof

POF : Sick of pof

Literally everyone on there ignores you and when they send the flirt message. And you message back they never reply back. To much ghosting going on there.Its impossible for me to get to the point of ever meeting anyone.

By. CobraCommander85

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  1. I know how you feel, I’ve been on there for 7 years, I’ve only actually had one date from it… and it was a terrible one.

  2. I’ve tried multiple dating apps tender bumble OK Cupid none of them work same thing same results women Nori me don’t message back don’t hold conversation and then disappear and nothing comes out of it ever.

  3. Take a time out, come back to it fresh in a month or more with a brand new username, profile, photos etc.

    I am on a self-imposed hiatus as its too emotionally draining.


  4. Don’t give up just yet. You will find someone. Sometimes people hit that button my accident it can happen when you are on the app

  5. I think you should give yourself 6 months to a year before giving up. If no actual date within 6 months or a year, then online dating is not for you. But you should probably not put all your eggs in one bag. Try multiple dating apps. Some apps work better for others.

  6. Today is eight months later these fucking women do not reply back they hold a conversation for maybe one or two days if I’m Milwaukee and then I’m going to. And ever meeting them forget it never happens.

  7. I send flirts when I can’t tell if I have a chance or not. So I don’t bother introducing myself. Then we go to one liners then it’s over.

    But I’ve been on since February of this year. 5 dates, 2 of those made it to a second date. Back alone (42f)

  8. I get worn out being on POF myself. Last time I unhid my profile and I got over thirty messages. I try and respond to them all so It takes some time to go through them. I do read the profiles. I am a first responder, so I have to be a little more careful on who I spend time with, just because of my job and whether I like it or not, I am held to a higher standard because of my job. I’ve had seven dates from POF. I’ve been on there about a year and a half off and on.

  9. Hang in there…i was like you. I deleted my profile 3 times within a month. I put it back on and got a msg from a lovely lady who i would normally consider out of my league. Were still together…its only been 2 months but i feel like ive known her forever…its really weird how things workout like that.
    Just be genuine, and speak to women the way u would want someone to speak to your sister or mother. Youll get a lot farther and will stand out from all the douchebags that are on the site. Just my 2 cents

  10. The problem is I send out tons of messages and when I think one of them can hold a conversation. They disappear never to be heard from again I’ve had enough of that bs.

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