POF : Signed back up on POF and wow…..

POF : Signed back up on POF and wow…..

So I decided to give it one last try and when I signed up I got a lot of meet me’s and a few favs but no actual messages. This site has changed and not for the good either.

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  1. Those are bots it’s pretty easy to tell when they are after a while just by looking at their username. It will usually be a name followed by numbers. After frustratingly using POF on and off for years I just signed back up to and I’m so glad I did because a girl actually made the first move and contacted me. It’s almost like someone is playing a sick joke on me.

  2. Somewhere I got the idea that « meet me » is generated by this site’s equivalent of « swiping ». If you « swipe right », a meet-me request is auto-generated, I believe.

    A lot of people swipe, so a lot of meet-me’s are generated.

  3. I have something like 250 « meet mes » in my notifs, and have only received a handful of messages. In my profile it says « DO NOT HAVE MEET ME, send a message » (in my headline and later in the body of text) and it’s obvious that they are just using the meet-me thing and going by my photo rather than actually reading the profile. I don’t bother worrying about it though, because I’m not interested in someone who is only interested in the physical aspects of me, which they are if they didn’t look at my actual profile.

  4. Yeah the bots are horrible now. I’ll get notifications of at least 4 faves every night, only to discover the profile was removed by the time I get up in the morning. I’m not a paying member and doubt I ever would be because of the bots and catfish accounts.

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