POF : Site’s Driving me Nuts, and Can’t get answers

POF : Site’s Driving me Nuts, and Can’t get answers

Hi All,

I’m hoping you can help me with what’s going on here. I’ve been on the site with the same profile for years. I’ve not been active all that time, but having recently become single again started messaging etc. Everything was fine until about a week ago. Now I can’t add favourites (either on the site or Android App). I can’t see any of my sent messages on the site, even though I know there are several from the past.

Now, I contacted PoF and they just sent me a stock response filled with stuff from their FAQs, which didn’t address my issues at all. They did mention that my account might have been quarantined, though I can’t imagine why as I send very few messages, they’re always ‘clean’, and not copy-pasted. Since the issues started I’ve not had a single profile view me, so I’m thinking they’ve done something to my account.

Any ideas on what might have happened or what I can do about it? This has rendered the site unusable, so am thinking of moving onto other options.

By. ChunkyCodLoins

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  1. I think they clear messages after 30 days for space, including Sent messages.

    As for the favourites etc, not sure. Why don’t you just delete this profile and make a new one? It takes just a couple of minutes.

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