POF : So I am new

POF : So I am new


I just made my first account on this site. Based off what i have seen on this subreddit, i feel like i should run for the hills. So my question is, does anyone have a positive experience on this site, or is it all bots and scams?


Edit: Thanks for the advice, i think I’m going to give it a shot

By. cranksword

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  1. Most people are real. I think it’s easier to use the app and check out the « Nearby » section and it shows the distance away from people. If you pick profiles to check out from that section 100% of the time it’s been a real profile.

  2. OLD is tough in general. Just talk to people as if they’re real people (it’ll be obvious if they’re not or if they’re crazy). Keep all negativity off your profile and out of your messages. Don’t take it personal if it doesn’t work out with someone. Eventually you’ll find someone to meet and hopefully that someone will be awesome.

    I have had positive experiences on POF. I’m polyamorous and I have found multiple good dudes on POF. I haven’t been on in a while, because I’m a little overwhelmed with juggling dating, work, holidays, etc., but if I want to meet someone new to date, I’m going right back on POF.

  3. No matter the app, each one is what you make it. Keep sharp and legit (legit as in real person or a viable prospect) people will come around.

  4. I just received a message from a lady who wants « someone ready to be in our [her and her *newborn*] family from the start ».

    I mean, one single case should not be enough to decide but I have not seen such level of crazyness in a looooong time.

  5. the scammers are easy to spot they are all pretty much the same, and there are plenty of genuine people on pof, they are not as active as the scammers


    Profiles with random numbers at the end are likely fake, bots tend to fill out profiles with default templates, with things like profession:student or profession:Job, women who are upfront (if you are a guy) are most likely hijacked accounts, seen a few of those, ladies must be using the same passwords everywhere, if you’re a girl, fake male accounts are usually claiming to be in the military (fuck knows why)

  7. I haven’t run into fakes and scammers. But what I would say is that you have to do a lot of matching yourself because anyone can message you on this site. Instead of say, Okc or Tinder that you can only message people you have matched with. So with a large volume of incoming messages, I just end up deleting a bunch of messages where people just say hi…unless the guy is really attractive or seem very interesting from their profiles

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