POF : so is POF a cam-girl site now?

POF : so is POF a cam-girl site now?

out of the blue i got an email saying i had a message from someone so i logged on to check. surprise surprise, there was no message. i hadnt logged onto POF in like… 2 years? so i figured id look around.


took like 5 minutes for a bot to check out my profile. took like 7 minutes for me to find the LIVE! option. took me about 10 seconds to be disgusted. ive seen a cam model site. i will admit, in the middle of an abusive relationship, i visited a cam girl site once to talk to someone about my irl baggage.


its the same thing. the same exact thing. there are « rules » not to show nudity, but theres literally tons of people with « gifts 4 tits » straight up as their username. why dont they just cut all the bullshit and drop the dating website model and just go straight for that camgirl money?

By. hairybugbeardonger

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