POF : So many fake profiles…

POF : So many fake profiles…

So just today I’ve caught 18 catfishers…. are there any decent girls even out there on POF or is it all just a big scam?

By. -Akrasiel-

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  1. Haven’t used pof in over 3 months and almost everyday I get a message how someone wants to meet me or I matched with someone. So the other day I went to check it out and wouldn’t you know nobody new was there. It was like they were lying to get me to open my profile back up

  2. I’m a woman, I’d like to mention what I’ve noticed based on the reddit and the app.

    95% of the women are fake
    95% of the men just want their dick wet. Lol

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POF : Its a meet app and decides to run this as a pic😳😒

POF : I guess because you visit a profile( heaven forbid it’s a clicking accident) you absolutely have to message someone! I didn’t know guys, my bad! 😂