POF : So, POF just deletes your profile without warning or reason?

POF : So, POF just deletes your profile without warning or reason?

I was trying out POF, met a girl, was talking.

I invited her to Skype… And this morning my account is gone. Nothing weird, just « Hey, we’ve been talking for a few days now via message, here’s my handle if you’d like to do a video call. »

I recreate my account, find her and say « Something weird happened. My account was deleted. » And then that account vanished. From a different e-mail.

I don’t know what I’ve done. In a few days I probably only messaged 3 people. Was this girl sick of me and had me blocked? Is it the catfish from half a country away I told to get stuffed?

I mean, it was early days, but that kinda sucks. The lady seemed kinda cool.

I should also mention… Upon recreating my profile, any time I did the « Match Me » it would always say I matched 0 users, can’t give me matches. Is POF just broken as hell?


After sending an email to their CSR

For the safety of our users, we have an automated system in place which flags suspicious activity on POF. Regrettably, your account was
mistakenly flagged by this system, and deleted. We apologize for the inconvenience.

So, now I can sign on again.

By. Lidjungle

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  1. Registered on my main email address, apparently it doesn’t exist after less than an hour. Sent an email to their customer service email and got an auto response saying that email isn’t tied to a registered account. Every time I try to make a new account it told me the name already existed which is impossible considering some of the usernames I tried were a mash of letters and numbers.

    Registered another account via the app and on another email address. Same thing happened, account deleted. Nothing on the profile close to breaking POF’s TOS.

    Site is absolutely *broken*. Sorry to see your match got squatted by this broken mess.

  2. Literally just made an account right…. Like just a few minutes ago….. Finally got everything set up on it all nice an shit… There was literally nothing nasty on it or anything that would trigger anyone…… Yet after going through matches and all that fun stuff I come outta the bathroom to lay back down… close the app for a min just to put my phone on the charger….. Couple of seconds go by or maybe minutes and I decided I wanted to see my page again…..


    It’s gone. Like it just showed the login screen and boy lemme tell you I tried like I don’t even know how many times to log back in…… It just wasn’t there anymore. This is straight up the third time this has happened…..

    The last two times though I started talking to this real chill guy though n me and him hit it off great….. And just recently I got back in touch with him on my previous POF account…… I feel bad and pissed cause he’s probably like WTF….. Why TF does this crap happen? And does POF even read reviews when you leave them? Cause I wanna Type some shit out but idk if I’d be waisting my time more on stuff that won’t be seen I guess…. Makes me wanna smack the person that made POF I swear. Some dumb shit.

  3. I think someone reported your account… for what? I’m not sure why. Someone was probably mad and just reported it away. My profile was deleted without any reason either. I just couldn’t log in, but I as getting to know a few guys, and I rejected a few as well. So I’m thinking that was the case for me? However, your circumstance could’ve been different. I had my registering email and I sent an email to POF let’s see what they have to say. If you still have your registration email reply on that one to them. They can’t say you don’t have an account with them ever if you have the email. Let them know you didn’t delete it, but you can’t login and you can’t reset the password either. Good luck!

  4. The only way you can get banned from POF is if 10 or more people block and report you. Sometimes they have issues with their site that delete the profiles.

  5. Join the club I turned in at least three catfishers a week and then one got back in and tried to friend me again so I turned her in and those fuckers deleted my account.

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