POF : Still getting messages from those who blocked me??

POF : Still getting messages from those who blocked me??

This has happened a few times since joining,I’ll see a message from someone and when I click it,it’s says I’ve been blocked? Idk how that’s even possible because being blocked means the sender would be unable to message me. Two of the people this happened with I’ve chatted with,nothing led to me being blocked by them. I could care less about being blocked but is this a problem with the app,or are guys sending me a message and then blocking me? It’s just confusing as hell…

Tldr: I see new messages on my app and when I click to open it says I’ve been blocked by the user

By. beckydan

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  1. Even though the user blocked you they can still message you, you just can’t message them and it pops up as you click on the message and takes you out of the message itself and back to the inbox.


    I had a guy who would message me and add me as a favorite then before I could message back he would block me. He did this 3 times, except the 3rd time I was able to message him before I got blocked. I simply said look this is the 3rd time you have messaged me then added me as a fav, only to just block me. I do not know you or know who you are but you seriously need to stop, its annoying and childish. He responded by saying hahaha I never blocked you I don’t even know you, and we have never spoken before. I left it at that and blocked him. I mean who does that anyways.

  2. I had a guy who messaged me, I mentioned how misogynistic his profile sounded, he got pissy and blocked me. NBD
    now he keeps messaging me acting pissy because I don’t reply.
    At least OLD is good for laughs!

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