POF : Success Stories

POF : Success Stories

So I know most of the posts on here are stories of stuff that has gone horribly wrong, however, I wanted to see if any of you have actually had success on POF.

I actually did and we are getting married here in a few weeks.

So, for once, thank you to the POF gods for bringing me my future husband!

By. LeftCoastLefty82

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  1. I actually had one long term relationship off pof we ended it due to distance. I had a short term off there as well. I had more luck on POF than any other site

  2. I’ve had 7 years worth of relationships off of PoF. My most recent single stint I met several woman on PoF, included some short term romances but am currently in the start of something good with a woman I met on OKCupid.

  3. I had had a relationship of 30 years. I’m still fairly young, 51, and wasn’t ready to give up on love. I joined POF. I met a guy, it didn’t work. Then one man caught my eye. We chatted a bit here and there. I wanted to learn more about him. I was persistent and we have been together almost 8 months now! We love eeachother deeply and long term has never been a question. We want to stay together!
    If you’re questioning these websites, just relax and go for it. From talking to him online, even before we met, I knew. And the first meeting was beyond belief!

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