POF : Switched to BagelMeetsCoffee….getting ghosted.

POF : Switched to BagelMeetsCoffee….getting ghosted.

I think getting ghosted kinda stings a little more than just being straight ignored.

I was actually having a great conversation. Like legit. We had a good conversation and then 3 days later ….conversation left on a cliff hanger.

By. sdjr93

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  1. Dude, wait until it happens in person. I went out with a great girl last night, we hit it off, chatted for hours, flirted, she touched my shoulder and arm many times. I tell her we should go out again, I get her number, we hug, she leaves.


    I get home, she has blocked my profile and no response on the number.


    Some people are just shitty, and I find it seems to happen often on this app in 2018. It used to be a lot better.

  2. With so many online dating apps today and the many users on them, getting past the 4’s is an accomplishment.

    One of these will kill the conversation:

    4 hours

    4 days

    4 messages

  3. I only got one date from that app. She would barely look at me during the convo. I have 3 convos going where I can’t see the messages they send me, unless it’s in email.

    This app sucks ass.

  4. Online dating sucks now for most men unless you are the 1% who are tall, model looks, have neck tats or rich. I do better meeting women in real life. At least the attraction or rejection is instant and not drawn out like online dating which to me is a complete waste of time like most social media.

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