POF : TFW when you have a new message…

POF : TFW when you have a new message…

But it’s from Marcus, telling you about a « local mixer. »

By. Not__Even_Once

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  1. That used to piss me right off. I’d sign in, finally see a new message notification, after weeks of nothing, so I’d get all excited, only to find out it’s Markus

  2. Women won’t understand this because they get hundreds of messages a day. When they complain about all the messages they have to wade through they might as well be fat westerners complaining about McDonald’s to an Ethiopian

  3. I don’t get messages about mixers from Markus, I get them from other people in my area. I only get messages from Markus asking how I like the site so far

  4. I only get mail from Markus like every 3-4 months, usually about a sale on tokens. I’ve gotten to where I just delete them without reading them.

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