POF : the bots are getting more tricky..

POF : the bots are getting more tricky..

just had a conversation with someone who was apparently « all alone » and gave me her phone number to text me to have a conversation with her instead of just on pof

She was trying to play the sympathy card

When someone asks you to text them/ give them your phone number etc

Block and report please don’t be gullible

If they’re too hot to be believable also block them

By. jsp132

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  1. I got one of those recently. Had a few pics but still suspected as shady. So I asked a question about something I saw in her profile. I get a response with no indication that the question was even asked and also she was just leaving her house and to give her a call. I responded with ok billie. Few hours later conversation is gone.

  2. Pretty sure it’s a bot but im not sure. Had one who i sent a message to and after a day or so (longer than a bot normally takes but seen similar) gave me a number and asked to text instead because they aren’t on pof much.

    pretty sure its a bot but can’t be the only person whos had one like this?

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