POF : The female population on pof become jaded and bitter after a time.

POF : The female population on pof become jaded and bitter after a time.

Your best bet is to keep checking for new women joining the site and try to be the one they talk to, and hope they ignore 150 other men to talk to you, talk to any of the long term users and they’ll block you if you aren’t their type, accumulating blocks leads to an automatic ban and all the work you put into the profile is gone forever, and then it means changing your i.p address and using a throwaway mail to sign up.


None of this is women’s fault, I don’t blame them for blocking who they don’t like, why would you want messages from someone you don’t want to chat to, its the fault of the website and its poor design.


This is what were are up against men, a website full of angry women, a blocking system designed to ban us, probably to keep their « xxxxx new users signing up all the time » number high.


If you have doubts, a while back I posted a screenshot, I said hello to someone I was talking to on an account which got banned, I asked why she blocked me, was promptly told that talking to her is harassment and a crime in the u.k, I had my answer, she was one jaded and stuck up bitch, this is what the majority of women on that site is now, I know for a fact I could pick any of the long term users on pof in my town and tell you which ones would block me outright.


its easy to pick out the long term users, even if you aren’t good with faces, they will have a number by their name, indicating how old they were upon joining (for example, sammy31, her name would be Samantha or something, she joined at 31 years old, how old is she now?) or they have an angry rant on the profile, this is a good indicator, they have repeatedly picked the wrong guy and got burned.

By. Serveradman

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  1. As a woman i agree, sadly that new woman on pof will be jaded in about a month. Ive only been on for 2 months and i have a list of what im looking for(not a rant but a firm position lol).

    But i dont block, i used to reply to guys and tell them why im not interested and i would get so much hate and anger that now i just delete convos and dont respond.

    I have all sorts of guys sending me msgs, begging me to be their wife or asking me to teach them how to game etc. I get about 10-15 unwanted messages. About 90% dont even read my profile.

    It sucks, but thats probably the best course of action.

  2. I’ve always assumed that the guys she talks to are sending dick picks.


    Also your first paragraph is right on target. I do that every week.

  3. « was promptly told that talking to her is harassment and a crime in the u.k

    Google « rat utopia ». It’s where the human race is going.

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