POF : The nice guys must be hiding out during covid.

POF : The nice guys must be hiding out during covid.

The nice guys must be hiding out during covid.

By. MsThirdWheel

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  1. He must have a low opinion of himself. He is basically admitting a woman would have to lower her standards to be with him (because they are too picky) he should ask himself what that says about him?

  2. My personal philosophy is that I send out initial messages and most of them won’t receive a response. In some cases, it will be days or weeks before I receive a response.

    I really wish guys would understand that It only hurts your chances if you send out an angry message accusing the woman of not responding because she’s picky or being a b—-. If she’s not responding she might be receiving a lot of messages and she hasn’t read yours yet or she’s not interested. Move on. You just hurt your chances by sending an angry message. You show your true colors. You should probably think about your attitudes about women too. If you’re so quick to call a woman a bunch of names because she wouldn’t respond to your message, maybe you need to be in therapy instead of POF.

    In my case, after I start communicating, sometimes it takes a lot of patience as the convo is very slow. I had a female friend tell me about how she would get busy with life and not be able to respond to messages, then return home to angry messages calling her every name in the book. Crazy!!

    If I’ve been communicating for a couple of days and I don’t hear anything for a day or two after I sent my last message, I’ll just send a nice message saying, « Hey, I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope we can continue it soon. Preferably in person. » Sometimes I don’t hear anything back. Sometimes, I get a rejection. Sometimes, I get, « Sorry, I’ve been very busy the last day or so, but I would love to meet up for coffee or for a walk somewhere. » It would never occur to me to call her a bunch of names and make accusations because I didn’t hear back from her right away.

  3. And instead of responding to him the first time, with a « I’m not interested » or etc, you saw his post and after he posted the second one you just posted it to reddit. Note to fellas: if a broad don’t respond to you the first time, don’t post to her again. Say screw her and move on. Otherwise, you’re just gonna be made fun of on reddit or some other place.

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POF : Lookin’ attractive until I pass it up 🤨