POF : The same faces problem

POF : The same faces problem

Any of you notice the same exact faces for a while on pof? Its a like a petri dish of super picky individuals that like to claim they’re looking for someone when in reality they’ve had opportunities to meet others and they usually just flake out and wind back up on pof. It’s like a side gig to check their messages daily for entertainment and never leave the site. Is this just something I’ve experience? Curious to hear some stories of interactions of these individuals if any. Want to figure out the true root cause of this epidemic

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  1. I’ve been on OKC for eight years and still see some women who were there when I started. I don’t know where their money comes from, but they travel the world a lot.

    It’s pointless to try and figure these people out. I think they’re just crazy. Dating sites are an easy way for oddballs to get attention, of whatever kind they seek.

  2. Yup, I had this experience quite a few times, this one was my favorite though.

    I messaged her right when she signed up because we had a lot of similar interests (Gaming, Comics, etc). I was sending sentence or longer responses while she kept responding with barely 2-3 words if I was lucky. After about 5-10 messages of that I said fuck it and stopped talking to her. About 3-4 weeks later she messages me back upset I ghosted her and stopped talking to her. I straight up told her she obviously seemed bored with the conversation and that she was the one at fault, to which she said « Its not that serious dude » and tried to blame me so I stopped replying again. Then about a few days later she asks me if I know of any places that are hiring because she needs a job (Lolwut), and I didnt reply. I constantly see her online, and she’s constantly changing her Profile Tagline to variations of « Men Suck » or « Why am I having a hard time here » or shit like that.

    No idea why she’s there, but if she treats every guy she has actual interest in the same way she treated me she’s likely gonna stay there/keep dealing with the same shit. Looking back I’m 90% sure she sidelined me for another guy/swarm of guys messaging her, then probably got bored/desperate later and didn’t expect me to stand my ground.

  3. So many people over the years have come to realize that online dating isn’t as easy as it should be, coupled with sites like POF that used to offer a genuinely good service but that has all but vanished over time. Which means the ones that are actually serious about dating have long since given up and left the site, so what you’re left with is: 1) people who aren’t serious only use the site to boost their ego, 2) people who are far too picky and will never settle on anyone, 3) women with kids that men don’t want to date.

    Those three pretty much make up the majority of the site’s userbase. Not everyone, of course, sometimes good people slip through the cracks. But finding someone actually serious about dating that hasn’t given up is maddening these days.

  4. I have noticed them too. Been on pof for around 4 years now so I technically fall in same category.
    But to sort of dig my self out of this category I have noticed specific profiles being on 24/7 online. That makes me think it’s like a job.. Maybe they are selling stuff or something along them lines.. Plus they are always the hottest girls in town.
    My personal reason why I am on this ridiculous journey so long is because I started with wrong intentions. And now when I am looking for something more.. It’s just not happening.

  5. These women are flooded with messages every single day and have a plethora of men to choose from, they have the astronaut recruiter’s dilemma, anyone can technically go into space but we have to form criteria somehow so there’s a HUGE list of requirements, huge, and the applicant has to be perfect or they move on to the next on the list of hundreds..

  6. POF has had this issue since they’ve scaled down their television advertising. I’d try Tinder if I were you. It’s a bigger pond with girls who aren’t all single moms and defensive.

  7. i recently have gone back to OLD, and I was cruising through and I saw a face that looked …..familiar. I guessed her town before I opened the profile. Yep, it was her. We went on a date probably 5 years ago, she devoured her dinner like she was homeless, then basically went home. She was older than she said and lived with her « uncle » or some crap. Funny seeing her on there still, hell I’m back on it too.

  8. Isn’t this a bit meta though? you must have been on the site yourself for all that time to know which ones have been on there all that time?! I’m the same, I notice loads from way back (when the site was good) still there now.

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