POF : The state of the dating site today.

POF : The state of the dating site today.

I literally have to create a new account every month, here’s why, I message women I like the sound of, the ones who are not interested either ignore me or block me, the blocks count towards a total which is around 10, the exact number is very hard to figure out, I make a new account with a new i.p and new email then start over, any conversations I was having are cut short and its unlikely anyone I previously messaged will talk, even if i try I am running the risk that they were the last block which triggered the autodelete and I already start accumulating blocks from the very start.

Women are not going to stop blocking people and I wouldn’t expect them to, the block button is a useful tool, the real issue is that some fucking moron decided to put the blocks=ban « feature » in.

Fix your site, I haven’t seen anything so incompetent in website design, ever, what the flying fuck are these people thinking?

By. Obtuseone

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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize blocks affected profiles like that.
    I use the block feature if the man is being rude, etc
    But I also use it if he Messages me more than twice even though I’ve ignored him. I’ll rethink that strategy…im not trying to get him banned or anything!

  2. The site has not been updated in years and lacks modern repcatcha to stop spam bots. They’ve been able to get away with this neglect due to the lack of competitors with the same sized user base. At least this way, there’s no risk of it going the way of OkCupid that made it harder to communicate with potential matches.

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