POF : These blatantly fake profiles are out of control.

POF : These blatantly fake profiles are out of control.

Literally everyone listed in “Meet Me” has a poorly cropped photo and either a fake bio or straight up url to another site. It’s beyond frustrating.

By. RandomxXxHero

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  1. POF do delete the fake accounts speedily but they seem not to be able to tackle the source of the issue: poor account validation. They clearly want to make it easy to join to keep the numbers up, that’s what’s allowing this to happen. Unless they seriously overhaul this it’ll just continue unchecked.

    As is always stated here disable Meet Me, turn off notifications. It’s a crap feature anyway.

  2. POF was never like this in the past. I have been on and off it since 2009 and Markus actually sold to match back in either 2014 or 15 I believe. Match is the sole reason why POF has really gone downhill. If you sign up on match you will see 95% of the people on there are on pof and most of them are not paying members

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